NHL News : Winnipeg family transforms washer in backyard ice resurfacer!

Winnipeg family transforms washer in backyard ice resurfacer!

True Canadians!

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This is a true Canadian tale. The Theriault family has transformed a washer into an ice resurfacer in order to make an ice rink in their backyard in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

The Theriault family managed to create the ice rink by pumping water from the river and assembling the surface roughly in their backyard, however, they were looking to make it better for skating. 

Ron Theriault owns a small appliance repair shop in Winnipeg. He used his repair skills to give an old washer a second life. He strapped skis under the appliance and installed a new plumbing system that pushed out water to make the ice smooth.

“It works great, and I can remove the plumbing so that it doesn't freeze, explained Ron Theriault to Radio-Canada. 
“This is a good alternative, because if you had to carry this amount of water to the rink, you’d get tired.


The family even decorated the washer to make it look like the Zamboni used by the Winnipeg Jets at Place Bell MTS. The ice rink resurfacer carries up to 180 litres of water. The front of the machine is equipped with a blade for removing snow from the ice surface.

It is quite the invention! 

On the Internet, the family has received tons of compliments for manual work and creativity, notes the son Anthony Theriault, who posted images of the family’s ice resurfacer on Reddit and social media. 

We can’t imagine anyone in Canada not wanting one of these for their own backyard rink! 

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Source: CBC - Radio-Canada · Photo Credit: PHOTO : CBC / WALTHER BERNAL