NHL News : Tampa Bay Lightning continued to troll Habs during locker room celebration

Tampa Bay Lightning continued to troll Habs during locker room celebration

The Lightning continued to pour salt in the wounds of Habs fans.

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It hasn't exactly been the greatest of weeks for fans of the Montreal Canadiens, who have already had to see not only their championship aspirations end in a rather fast five game series, but to watch Russian sniper Nikita Kucherov troll the ever-loving humanity out of them shortly after the Cup win last week.

The shirtless (and most likely inebriated) Kucherov took to the microphone and absolutely dunked on Montreal fans, saying they were acting as if they had just won the Stanley Cup following their Game 4 OT victory to stave off elimination Monday night. 

"The fans in Montreal acted like they won the Stanley Cup last game," Kucherov said of Montreal's Game 4 OT win. "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Their final was last round."

The Lightning continued the trolling by wearing t-shirts during their championship boat parade acknowledging their status at having been a controversial $18 million over the salary cap during the playoffs, while Kucherov earned himself a contract with Bud Light after he slammed one of their beers during the controversial presser. Oh - and they damaged the Stanley Cup during their boat parade earlier in the week. 

And now, Twitter video has captured yet another moment that's sure to pour a truckload of salt into the wounds of Habs fans. 

During the raucous and booze-fueled locker room celebrations a week ago, Lightning players all immediately broke out into a rendition of ""Olé, Olé, Olé", which is a favorite of Habs fans to sing both at Bell Centre and on the road: 

As the popular meme from The Simpsons declared - "Stop, stop! They're already dead!" 

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Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Twitter