NHL News : Report: Eichel is willing to go anywhere to facilitate a trade!

Report: Eichel is willing to go anywhere to facilitate a trade!

Half a dozen teams willing to agree on a trade with clauses!

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For the past week, the Jack Eichel trade chatter has died down. He failed his physical at the Buffalo Sabres’ training camp and was stripped of his captaincy on Thursday. His trade and future remain in an impasse all because the team and its franchise player remain at an impasse over surgery options.

Nick Kypreos now reports that Eichel is  willing to go anywhere to facilitate a trade. On top of that, these interested teams, Kypreos says there a half of dozen, are open to accept a trade if the Sabres add “conditional” clauses around how he performs after surgery. ie .. games played, scoring… 

This could be the way to make this work after all. If not, this impasse and time wasted on finding an interested team that allows Eichel to undergo the disc replacement surgery he favors “will cost his the entire season.”

Eichel switched agents last month and is now represented by Brisson, who can make tough moves when necessary.  Eichel is under contract through 2025-26 with a $10-million cap hit and GM Adams is believed to be asking for a hefty return in exchange for his captain: he is reportedly seeking and not budging from his demand of the equivalent of four first-round picks,  which could be anything from young, established roster players, A-level prospects, or actual first-round draft picks in the next two NHL drafts.

GM Kevyn Adams is sticking to his guns, but many could get a deal going if he accepts to add some clauses as Eichel is willing to go anywhere! 

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Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Zuma Press