NHL News : Henrik Lundqvist announces that he needs heart surgery.

Henrik Lundqvist announces that he needs heart surgery.

A very serious update from the beloved goaltender.

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Earlier this month beloved National Hockey League goaltender Henrik Lundqvist stunned the hockey world when he revealed that he would be sitting out the 2021 season as a result of a heart condition. The condition, one that Lundqvist has been dealing with for a very long time, progressed to the point that doctor's advised the star goaltender not to play this season.

The news was shocking for hockey fans who had grown accustomed to seeing Lundqvist as a fixture on the NHL landscape, but on Monday morning cam even more shocking news from the veteran netminder who revealed that he would be going under the knife as a result of this condition. Specifically, Lundqvist revealed that he will be undergoing open heart surgery in the coming days. 

Here is that message unedited and in full:

Last 3 weeks my focus has shifted from training camp and the upcoming season to my health and what I can and can't do.

Scheduled for an open heart surgery now - Aortic Valve Replacement, Aortic Root and Ascending Aortic Replacement, to be more exact.

We all have our mountains to climb. Stay positive here and set on the road to recovery.


Open heart surgery is a terrifying prospect for anyone to experience and of course our thoughts and prayers will be with Lundqvist as he takes on what has to be a very scary challenge in his life. 

Expect many updates on this story as it develops.

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