NHL News : Canucks releasee an official statement concerning their players, their staff and their season

Canucks releasee an official statement concerning their players, their staff and their season

This is so sad. Just shut these guys down already.

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The Vancouver Canucks have issued a statement concerning the COVID-19 outbreak amongst its players and staff that has shed some light into how this happened and why the team seems to be more affected by this particular outbreak than other NHL teams.

First up, the team confirmed that 21 players and four staff members have tested positive. Secondly, the team confirmed that all 25 people affected have tested positive for a COVID-19 variant, believed to be stronger and more potent amongst young people.

From the team's statement:

As of today, 25 individuals have tested positive and the source infection is confirmed a variant - full genome sequencing by BCCDC will be required to determine which specific type. Among the 25 positive cases are 21 players (three players from taxi squad) and four members of staff. One additional player is considered a close contact.

The team also confirmed that, together with Vancouver Coastal Health, they are trying to pinpoint the source of the infection.

Again from the team's statement:

An ongoing investigation by Vancouver Coastal Health and club contact tracing staff attributes the source infection to a single individual obtained in a community setting, which has since been identified by public health as a public exposure location. Rapid spread of infection throughout the team indicates a link between contacts and the primary case.

Suffice it to say that our thoughts are with the team, its staff and their family members and that we truly hope everyone comes out on the other end of this with no lasting effects. 

For the full statement, click below:

Source: Vancouver Canucks · Photo Credit: Vancouver Canucks