NHL News : Brad Marchand responds to mean tweets from angry fans.

Brad Marchand responds to mean tweets from angry fans.

Marchand with some pretty good responses.

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The Boston Bruins are lucky to have one of the most notorious agitators in the National Hockey League on their roster and in this relatively rare instance he also has proven to be quite the good little hockey player. 

This combination of factors has helped make Brad Marchand arguably the most hated man in the entire league, a role that he has obviously embraced throughout his career. Fans in Boston love him but rival fan bases hate him and as you would expect given his celebrity status in the NHL, this means that he tends to get a lot of angry messages from angry fans on social media. 

Now many players will either ignore it completely or in some rare cases they even hire individuals or agencies to manage their social media profiles on their behalf, but Marchand has seemingly always loved playing the role of the villain on social media as well. Marchand can often be seen responding to vitriolic fans, usually in a rather condescending tone, and this has led me to believe that he thrives on that drama to some degree.

Marchand is currently sidelined due to the NHL's COVID protocols and as a result he's sitting around not doing a whole lot as he waits for the green light to get back on the ice. This opened up an opportunity for the people at Sportsnet to get Marchand to read out some of the mean tweets that he has received over the course of the NHL season and I suspect that they had no shortage of tweets to choose from. 

If you were expecting anything way over the top you won't find it here, I suspect that the people behind the production of this video deliberately kept things pretty PG, but Marchand nonetheless had some pretty amusing responses to some of the vitriol that he received from the fans who sent out these tweets.

Although the comments were almost exclusively negative in their nature, they wouldn't be very 'mean tweets' if they weren't after all, Marchand never seemed phased in the slightest and that is likely due at least in part to the many years of experience he has had dealing with these kinds of messages.

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Photo Credit: Eric Canha/CSM/Zuma