NHL News : Brad Marchand gets roasted by his own team on social media.

Brad Marchand gets roasted by his own team on social media.

Marchand's worst moment of the season brought back by his own team.

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You can chalk this one up into the unexpected category, as I hardly expected to see a team in the National Hockey League poking fun at one of their own players. 

Over the weekend the Boston Bruins decided they were going to publish one of the season highlights from one of their top stars, forward Brad Marchand. Now if you know anything about Brad Marchand it is probably that he is among the most hated men in the entire National Hockey League, and perhaps is in fact #1 on that list, which means that he is often the butt of jokes or insults from the fans or even rival players and teams. To his credit he's always been very good at taking the punches and rolling with it, and perhaps that it is why the Bruins felt comfortable absolutely burying him on their very own social media.

Now many of you may have forgotten this moment given everything that has gone on in the world over these last few months, but back in January of this year Marchand had what has to be one of the most embarrassing moments of his NHL career. The Bruins were facing off against the Philadelphia Flyers in what had been a game that saw 5 goals recorded by each team, and Marchand was now in the shootout with the game on his stick. 

The Bruins forward needed to score to keep his team alive, but instead of a goal or even a solid attempt at the shootout he completely whiffed on the puck and cost his team any chance it had of victory. 

Marchand himself was clearly embarrassed as he leaned on the Bruins bench awaiting the calls from the NHL officials presiding over the contest, but of course video replay showed that he had nudged the puck and that his shootout attempt had counted. It will no doubt go down as one of the worst shootout attempts in NHL history, but that simply wasn't bad enough for the Boston Bruins. 

According to the guys over at Hockey Night in Canada, this is what the Bruins themselves published on Tik Tok this weekend:


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Photo Credit: Daniel Lea/CSM/Zuma